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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

COMPETITION #4: The "Songs About The Commission Of A Crime" Mixtape

Since there was a tie, we randomly picked this one. Again, you don't have to make the actual muxtape (although it would be cooler if you did man). However, try to be fancy and hyperlink the lyrics if you can!

This mixtape should be 5 songs that do not have to be entirely about the commission of a crime, but clearly reference the commission of a crime. It is due SUNDAY JUNE 29th at 10pm.

ADDED TIP: To Hyperlink, do the following:
1) using this formula:
2) paste the URL where it says URL but leave the " 's
3) add the song title where it says TITLE
4) rule at the interweb

Enjoy and stay out of jail.


Nora Flood said...

wait...wait...I just downloaded a song called:

"Jesus Throwed up a Highway for Me"

SO ridiculous!

When Jesus is in the title, the possibility for ridiculousness is endless!

Anonymous said...

I'm finally submitting a muxtape!


These aren't so much about the COMMISSION of crimes...that's a tough one.

BUT, they are about pre-meditated crimes.

Or about crime fantasy.

Or at least the suggestion of doing illegal things.

Some of them are obvious examples--had to scoop them up before anyone else did.

Best I could do!


Chris said...


first try. I tried to get as literal as I could find.. it's mostly rap but the genre does have questionable lyrics. Stalking, violent crimes, drugs, graffiti and kidnapping. Hope it's what you were going for. Enjoy


James Wudel said...

So, altogether, my songs are culpable of three counts of murder, two of rape, one of theft, one of possession of a controlled substance, and one of hitchhiking. One could be justifiably issued a restraining order, and while I'm not sure one is entirely a crime, it's considered unacceptable in most cultures.


Anonymous said...

Oh, also--my muxtape has a sub-theme. Chicken meat. In more than one song, for reals!

Erin said...