What should be the next theme?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where are you all?

Did you all running scared of famousthecat's list?

Is there no brave soul who will throw down the gauntlet?

What? Are you all too busy reading about Sarah Palin or the other natural disasters to hit the U.S.?

Come on people! We can't do this alone!

Friday, September 5, 2008

COMPETITION #5: The "Songs that Should be Presidential Campaign Theme Songs" Mixtape

In your response, list the five songs and artists either alone or as hyperlinks. Use youtube or mixwit or any other place you can find an audio clip of it online until muxtape gets sorted out (if ever).

For this one, you can pick songs that you think correspond to either of our current candidates or just good theme songs, in general. You can do some explaining if you want of course. Most importantly, enjoy!

This one will end in two weeks: Saturday Sept 20th at 5pm.

Also, if anyone puts "Raising McCain" by John Rich we will publicly humiliate you for owning that song.

COMPETITION #4: Results and Update

We'll its been a while. We took a breather this summer as did Muxtape. They are currently having a little issue with the ever-so-greedy RIAA.

The last entries were great if you didn't get to partake before the site was shutdown. I'll give a nod to Chris for getting songs that were all actually about the in-progress commission of a crime. Well done!

From now on I think we'll take a new strategy. Just list the songs so they will at least remain on the site for others to see. Then add youtube, mixwit, or whatever other links you may wish. Of course you can always hyperlink it into one classy affair.