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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

COMPETITION #1: The Least-Understated Vocal Stylings Mixtape

Brewing in my head for a while, this mixtape competition now can finally take place. By Friday, May 2nd at 6pm, please submit your name (or a sweet alias) and a link to your 5-song muxtape submission.

General notes: the double negative is intentional and needed for the overall awesomeness of this competition. While I cannot give you too many glimpses into the minds of The Funky Bunch judges, I can recommend a few things. While entries like ethnographic field recordings or bel canto arias might be good examples of non-understated vocal stylings, these might not serve to help make a dynamite mixtape. Also, don't miss the deadline, but think strategy: if you submit your list tomorrow, you might give away ideas or you might view it is blocking others from stealing obvious, yet solid songs. Nevertheless, feel free to test any theories you've got against the judges' omniscience. We are anxiously awaiting entries.

Again, read the directions at the top of the page. As you'll notice, because members of The Funky Bunch have picked 2 songs each, you have the possibility for additional points. So, not only is this a subjective scoring system, it's doubly-subjective!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Coming Soon!

If you have theme ideas, you can post them here in the comments section. Here's wishing you happing muxing.