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Thursday, May 8, 2008

COMPETITION #2: The “Songs I’d Like to Take Behind the Middle School and Get Pregnant” Mixtape

First things first: no, we didn’t leave out a word before “pregnant.” These are songs in and of themselves that you would actually like to impregnate behind the middle school. Of course, this is going to mean different things to different people in regards to the decade, genre, and lyrical content of individual selections and will make judging them even sweeter. But, all I ultimately know is that they should be funny listenin’.

Get them posted by Sunday, May 18th at 9pm. And remember, try mixwit.com if you can’t get them to muxtape.

So, gentleman, slap on your Brut, your best silk, short-sleeve button down, and your L.A. Gear’s; ladies, put on your slap bracelets and get your mall hair right. We’re revisiting our middle school dances and sneakin’ out back.


Sir-plays-a-lot said...

Slap bracelets were sooo elementary school...scrunchies were the wrist-wear of choice that coincided with those unforgettable short-sleeved silk shirts.

Langston said...

silk shirts, slap bracelets, and L.A. Gear? When were y'all in middle school?

famousthecat said...

okay, so... since i'm leaving for europe shortly, i'll post now! i really wasn't going to do anything for this one, but then i started getting ideas... and more ideas... and i had a mixtape of roughly 38 songs. to narrow it down, i went with songs i love a little inappropriately for what they are and are also of that era / i heard them in middle school or early high school. so it's like a double whammy - songs i would have (been impregnated by) behind the middle school when i was actually in middle school. huzzah!


David said...

Mkay: I'm old. And much of my middle school music is on cassette tape, so this was tough. All of my mixtape relates the era of middle school (early 90s) somehow. Some of it is what I was into in middle school and might have played a potential trick (could we call them tricks back then?).

OR it's stuff that nods towards middle school (U2 cover, parody of "Get Here" by Brenda Russell which was big during Gulf War I). And the King Missile song is just dirty and fun.

Hope y'all aren't too easily offended.


famousthecat said...

oh, and? i just noticed my fourth song disappeared from the site i had linked from. damn you, mixwit! anyway, the fourth song is frankie smith, double dutch bus (even though it now says "untitled, unknown," etc.

Anonymous said...

So, this is equal parts music that was popular when i lived through middle school/early high school and confession that I didn't really have a life in middle school.



Erin said...